Xiamen pine and cypress Technology.


  • The rural funeral reform should giv "After the abolition of agricultural taxes, the way to the money is now the 'two' of the administrator, the child's fine and the funeral of the funeral charges."<span left-pos="123|36" right-pos="123...
  • Advocate the idea of green burial a The reform system of the funeral and funeral in our country saved the resources, saved the living environment and the living condition, promoted the development of the productive forces, and improved the de...
  • Poland, please take the coffin sexy Mention advertising, we have to mention the issue of sexy marketing this aspect. We can not deny that, so that some sexy beauty to come in adverti...

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Company is restructuring in Zhangjiagang Xiehe Medical Apparatus & Instrument Co., Ltd, founded in November 2005. The factory already has a modern production workshop and standardized production process, the artistic production technology and humanized design concept........... [Read More]

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